New Year - New Life...


It has been a long time since I have posted something here... But then again, these past few months were quite busy for me. Let me share the news...

First of all, I have got married :) :) The big day was on 11th of November 2007, and it was really beautiful... It has been 2 months now but I can still vividly recall every single detail of the day, and I am pretty sure it will stay this way forever.

Then, I have moved to Abu Dhabi with my husband... Reached here a month back, on the early morning of 14th December 2007 to be exact... It is a beautiful city, very modern too.

We have set up our home in a lovely apartment here, and it is great to just be here... Sometimes I can hardly believe how much my life has changed in a matter of months. But I am very happy and grateful for the change though.. It is all amazing.

I have landed a job here, too, and that's the third big news I have to share. It is all going really well, touch wood.

It is a cold winter here, and for the past two nights, we have had rain. Just a drizzle day before yesterday, but a heavier shower last night. It is amazing to watch the city lie under a wrap of rainwater.

So thats the update from my end... Hope to post more often from now on...

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A beautiful poem that I read today...

Don’t say you’re not important,

It simply isn’t true,

The fact that you were born,

Is proof, God has a plan for you.

The path may seem unclear right now,

But one day you will see,

That all that came before,

Was truly meant to be,

God wrote the book that is Life,

That’s all you need to know.

Each day that you are living,

Was written long ago.

God only writes best sellers,

So be proud of who you are,

Your character is important,

In this book, you are the ‘Star’…


Onam - our office pookalam!


Onam was celebrated with much gusto at our office, on 18th September 2007. We were divided to 4 teams, and each team made a flower carpet (pookalam) for the pookalam competition... Ours won 2nd prize - it deserved first of course - and here it is...

Then we left for Travancore Heritage Resort for further games and partying... :)



The truly happy people are those who can enjoy the scenery at the detour.

I thought I would share the following image... Beautiful picture, beautiful message.

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Every life has a purpose.

What exactly is mine??

The question haunts me....

Ah, perhaps I shall find an answer soon......

After all, we do attract from the Universe what we really want...

So I have hope.


Purdah and Koran


I recently read in the news that a Muslim religious leader insisted that women should wear Purdahs because it is compulsory as per the Holy Koran. If only they took the time to read Holy Koran 2:263 -

"There shall be no compulsion in religion."


HP 7!

I confess. The HP bug had bitten me a long time back, and, like millions around the globe, I had ferevently awaited the seventh helping of the sensational HP dish. And finally, I could put my hands on (okai, technically, put my mouse on - coz I read the PDF version...) the magical HP7.

Everybody who reads HP7 has to comment on it or write a review about it. Why would I be any different? Here's my two-penny's worth then...

No, I am not gonna write the story down here. You can get JKR's own magical version, so there is no need for my capsuled take on that. But I do have some arguments to put forward, Pro-HP, in the current heated "Is HP just a marketing marvel" debate.

For one thing, the Potter Books are very gripping. You simply can't deny that. If it were not, no matter how much marketting backed it, it wouldn't have been a runaway hit in all seven servings. So, HP is not ALL a media product, there IS some quality in there.

Now, about kids getting interested in Black Magic just coz of HP. Now, that's a laugh. Today's kids are getting interested in a lot of unfavorable things, like violence and drugs and alcohol, was there a book behind them all? And of the millions that love HP, only a tiny fraction are trying out magic, and most of them just for the heck of it too. So, you really are clinging to every last straw when you accuse HP series as a mass recruitment program by wizards.

Then, another accusation is that HP series teaches children "nothing worthwhile." Gee, what an unforgivable mistake there! Wouldn't the kids have been better off if HP taught them rocket science? There, JKR, what a crime you have done to the kids by creating a fictional magical world? History won't forgive you. ;)

Another argument is: HP doesn't attract kids to reading at large. It attracts kids to HP alone. The counter argument: In stead of complaining, why don't you write something gripping, which will guide the kids to reading??

So there. HP may not be the ultimate in children's literature, but it is still pretty damn good... And hopefully it will lead the kids to discovering the magic that is knit into the rest of the literature universe as well!




Finally joined a guitar class today. Felt really good. :) I joined the place where my brother learns guitar playing too...

Let us see how things go and maybe one day I will buy a guitar for myself too!

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When It Rained

Melted rainbows splashed onto earth,
Blossoming tulips upon their re-birth;
Silver raindrops fell, cleansing the land,
Raising the scent of the freshly soaked sand.

Thousand mirages mirrored on the drops
Kissing adieu to trembling leaf-tops;
Misty silk coated on each window pane
Hugged by the chilly wind bringing the rain.

Waking myriad colors from a trance,
Peacocks began their delirious dance;
Angels beat on their celestial drum,
Flashing the sparks that bid Rain-God welcome.

Nimbus tears purified one and all
That they could touch on the course of their fall;
Silvery crystals blanketed earth's crest,
Soothing and healing and quenching the thirst.